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Divorce Law

Divorce Law for Men

Don’t be fooled – without the proper knowledge of the laws and rules that apply against men in divorce court in different states. There are a variety of reasons a man can lose his house, his income, and his children in a divorce.

Because men have historically been treated with an unfair bias against them in family courts, it is essential to have experienced divorce lawyers to provide them with the required counsel and to guide them through the process.

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Equal Rights for Men Going Through Divorce

When men begin thinking about how their lives will be affected when a divorce appears imminent, it is important to understand the history of how men and women have been treated differently in terms of marital property, custody of their children, and the divorce process in general. 

These biases have changed over the years, but there is still an uphill battle to climb for equal rights in a divorce for a man.

By understanding the basic history of divorce in the United States, and having an in-depth knowledge and experience of the biases against men in family law courts, father’s rights attorneys are able to give men more than just a fighting chance at obtaining equality in the eyes of the law.

Protect Your Ability to Care for Your Children

While many states specifically have outlawed the use of the “Tender Years Doctrine” in divorce cases, the feeling that many judges still hold near and dear is that mothers, not fathers, make better residential parents.

The antiquated notions of women being better caregivers than men may be beginning to dissipate, but the fact remains that women file divorce at more than double the rate of men because they know the law (and biases) are on their side.

There is no better defense than a good offense, which is why having a divorce lawyer for men is critical to protecting a man’s rights to his family, property, and income.
Divorce Law for Men

What to Expect in a Family Law Consultation?

  • An in-depth look at your specific circumstances
  • Analysis of what your rights are
  • Estimated cost to start your family law case
  • Advice from an experienced family law professional
Divorce Process

Tips for Men During the Divorce Process

At Law Offices of Thornberry & Associates, our goal is not to drag out your case, but divorce takes time and it is important that you conduct yourself in a careful and professional manner throughout the process.
  • If you are expecting to receive private mail, get a new post office box. Get a new storage place for your financial records.
  • Speak to your bank and close all joint accounts. Cancel all joint credit cards and if possible ask your credit card company to issue you with new cards if they are in your own name. 
  • Try to keep a line of communication open with your wife. If you stop communicating, a minor issue can turn into a major crisis. There is always the chance that your wife may want to resolve the divorce quickly. If she can't contact you then she can't ask you.
  • If you have kids, this can be the hardest part of any divorce. Keep in contact with them and make sure that they know they are not to blame. Let them know that you are always there for them.
  • The easiest thing to do is to get angry and destroy correspondence from your wife. STOP! This can be your greatest ally in a court of law. Keep all correspondence no matter how trivial it may seem.
  • Don't make negative comments about your wife to anyone. You never know who will tell a friend who tells someone else, and soon you get a lawyer's letter telling you that you have been spreading rumors. Guess who she will give the bill to?
  • Don't let your wife provoke you into being aggressive. If you're seen to be aggressive, you will lose your divorce. If your wife is aggressive towards you, just stay calm.
  • Get a good support system amongst your family and friends
Divorce Process

Ready to Take Your Side

Divorces are not nice and they can get very nasty. Your wife will unfortunately be in the driver’s seat when it comes to a settlement. 

But with the right help and advice, you can get what you want from the divorce and not what she wants you to have.

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